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Nine reasons why not

flummery image.jpg

As promised! Nine reasons why we would not be a good fit, personified as 9 people, for your reading pleasure:  

  1. Marc views marketing copy as flummery. 
    Not a chance 

  2. Odette thinks brevity is the sole requirement for good copy.

  3. And keeps telling me that. Eek!

  4. Priya says: "Yes, this part of my draft is not quite clear, but our clients will figure it out from what we say in the other section." Wrong

  5. Erik believes humans are in essence thinking beings who feel. Just set out the facts clearly and logically in the copy, and we're done!
    Erik, studies show that we're actually feeling beings who think

  6. Truman thinks precision trumps engagement.
    Truman, you so missed your calling when you turned down law school

  7. Yun thinks copy and design people don't need to meet, much less talk.
  8. Esther prides herself on the writing rules taught in school, the oh-so-useful ones for fiction and essays.
    Because kids are most likely to grow up to become novelists or professors – oops, there goes that outdoor voice again

  9. Zan likes corporate copy – lots of boxy, instantly forgettable, glaze-over paragraphs.
    Oh dear

  10. You got this far?? Do you have an innovative product or service? Are you part of a small-medium business? Are you looking for the passion, pushback, and professionalism that result in engaging persuasive copy? Please, reach out

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