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Special services

Killer editing 

Make your message punchier, sharper and more engaging – in a heartbeat. Your blog gets more hits / your landing page gets clicks / your whitepaper moves your buyer further along the buyer journey.

Design and copy packages

With my design partner Jessica Heald, I create powerful e-zines, whitepapers, websites and other B2B marketing pieces. Here's our most recent effort – currently incomplete – we're working on it as you read!

Writing that tough letter 

You're tearing your hair out writing to a family member, neighbour, or client about a touchy situation. Looking for the right mix of firm, courteous, and successful. Call me, at 416.655.4478. 


Our proofreaders are speedy, excellent, and reasonable. Plus,  overseen by a seasoned professional writer. 

Video scripts that knock it out of the park 

Email me for a private link to my most recent, all about what makes Canada Canada. Complete with rap script and knock-out imagery.  


You need powerful testimonials that highlight your competitive edge and don't sound canned. Email me and I'll tell you how I get the best stuff out of your clients and make it sing. 


Fill in the form below to download my before-and-after white paper. You get 7 before-and-after examples of of how I transform and punch up B2B messages.

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