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Taking communications beyond the written word with engaging video

As a video producer, having a good script is the first step to a great video product. 

For a recent project, I enlisted the help of Marcia Ross to bring to life the story of a digital marketing solution. There was a real challenge in this one: we were talking about highly technical stuff to financial people. Marcia was able to cut through the 8-page detailed client brief and craft a perfect 2-minute script that brought personality to the product and the client, explained the necessary information, and left the viewer wanting more.

That’s the power of a good script, and that’s the power of Marcia Ross.

Janine Harris, Principal, Keyring Media

Powerful exercises, lightbulb moments, a writing workshop that held attention start-to-finish

I really enjoyed Marcia's writing workshop. Simple, powerful exercises resulted in several lightbulb moments. Great participant interaction too,  with all kinds of humour. 

Cameron Hillmer, Principal, SaaS 44 Inc.

Brilliant yet economical prose that hits the nail on the head every time! 

Life-saver, sanity-saver and a heck of a fun person to work with!


Marcia is unique in her ability to grasp the high level objectives of a new or existing business, identify the most important elements for the target customer base, and (most impressively of all), to create brilliant yet economical prose which hits the nail on the head every time! 

Marcia's not just a writer or a communications expert with a solid business background – she's a mind-reader. I call her the Word Whisperer. Give her a rough, unintelligible draft  (website copy, press release, marketing collateral, Powerpoint deck) and she turns it into a work of art. 

Work with Marcia – you'll be happy (and grateful) that you found her.

Suzanne Tyson 
Founder, Higher Ed Points Inc.


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