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Seven reasons why

The compliment I hear the most often from my clients is: "Marcia, you make us sound great. You absorb input of all sorts from various people and places and turn it into compelling persuasive work."


Following, 7 reasons for my ability to identify and articulate your strengths: 

  1. Marketing writers who can create content about complex ideas and make that content fresh, direct and engaging are rare. 

  2. I'm a skilled, confident marketer and businessperson before I'm a writer. Words come second. The business goal comes first. 

  3. This is not my first rodeo. You get questions and pushback that force deep thinking and better answers. 

  4. I have a formal education, background, and lifelong interest in business.

  5. My interest and study of psychology and behavioural economics informs me on how people actually think and act and react, rather than on how we think we do. It helps, in the persuasive business. 

  6. I take action and ownership, needing little supervision. 

  7. I’m passionate about my work and my clients. It makes my work more convincing. 

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