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Writing workshops

Everyone I meet – anywhere on the globe – wherever they learned how to write – they were fed the same destructive myths.


I'm a myth-buster. I teach people not to write for their high school teacher. Not to try to impress. Not to channel the academic. 


Those myths were baked in early! And yet...


Given permission, people feel delighted – liberated – when they abandon that dated, destructive approach.


Attendees learn to:


  • Write for their reader

  • Fiercely edit their own writing

  • Write for results 


Workshops are fun, dynamic, and interactive.


You’ll see results immediately.


Writing workshop at Verity Club, Toronto

Workshops are dynamic, interactive and fun.. Attendees learn from the exercises and from each other. Learn by doing – the learning is stickier! 


It was so liberating! I never realized I was following so many old rules that weren't helping my writing at all! 

Cheryl B / IT Marketing, Jig Technologies

Marcia makes it super easy to write, and she also makes it fun. Each person brought their unique strengths and we all built off each other’s ideas. I recommend Marcia – she writes well, she’s a generous teacher, and she knows how to inspire and guide.

Kate Erickson, Principal, Organizational Design Consulting

It's not just a different approach to composing and editing. It's a paradigm shift. I've struggled with writing all my life, I wish I'd found this approach earlier.

David James, Principal, Salvis Group

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